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Describes the quest of learning  through working with and understanding equine nature.


"Life's possibilities are best viewed from the back of a horse!"

Our Mission

We want to be your trusted guide as you venture into the exciting, amazing world of horses. Horses can offer a gateway to discovery of delights and learning that stimulate the body and soothe the spirit.


Star Hughes: Teacher, Trainer, Mentor

How Star Knows Horses are Great Teachers

Star Hughes has spent much of her life learning about horses and working with them. Her approach to training each individual horse and rider is unique to their personality. 

Most horses are willing to work to find a balance that works for both horse and human. In learning how to control a horse, people develop self-control.

The pleasure of being with, caring for, and riding horses provides an ideal opportunity for physical, mental, and emotional growth and learning. 


ARIA: The American Riding Instructor's Association

PATH: The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, Int'l

FEI: Federation Equestre International

Additional: T.TEAM, EAGALA, and more


Little girl in love with a lovely pony!

What People Are Saying

"My daughter has shown great improvement in her personal confidence since starting here along with her riding skills, posture, and manner of speech among other things. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a child who loves horses and wants to immerse themselves in the horse world! There is so much to learn and everyone involved with this center loves to teach and help. This place is a blessing to our family."  

Elaine C.

"Star's method of teaching is amazing. After my first lesson with her, I knew that I was finally going to really learn how to ride. All I can say is listen to Star, believe in what she teaches. If she can take a 57 year old woman, give her enough confidence to get on a horse that would only back up when she got on it, have her cantering across a field without feeling sheer terror, really enjoying riding instead of fearing it! Imagine what she could do for you...."

Lynn R.

My work with Star has included the rehabilitation of my Trakehner mare who exhibits both physical and mental issues. One of Star's assets is her freedom from the conventional thinking concerning such strategies for such a case. Her work is unusually free from dependence on breed practices, popular trainers, or trendy traditions. Star's gift to us is basically an intuitive one....

Carriellen D.