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Stellar Pony Club Riding Center, Parker, Colorado

EquesTraining: Stellar Pony Club Riding Center, Parker, Colorado

Equestrian Western Training in Parker, Colorado Equestrian English Training in Parker, Colorado Indoor Arena Training in Parker, Colorado Equestrian Horsemanship Training in Parker, Colorado

EquesTraining at Stellar Pony Club Riding Center

Riding Lessons

We accept new students three years of age and older, through adult, into our customized lesson programs. Students may opt for private or semi-private lessons. Students learn correct riding basics in a program designed for safe and steady skills building. More advanced students may specialize in disciplines such as dressage, trail riding, or jumping, or pursue an equestrian sport offered through Pony Club.

Vaulting Instruction

Vaulting is part of the rider training program at Stellar, along with being offered as a separate recreational and/or competitive sport. Originally designed as training for the mounted cavalry, vaulting develops the balance, strength, rhythm and timing necessary to good riding, in a shorter amount of time than “regular” riding lessons. Vaulting lessons can be individual or enjoyed as part of a larger, regularly scheduled group lesson program.

Pony Play Lessons in Parker, Colorado

Riding Lessons at Stellar Pony Club Riding Center

English and Western Dressage in Parker, Colorado

Focus is on the harmony and beauty of correct movement and communication between horse and rider. We offer both private lessons and semi-private lessons.

English Horsemanship Lessons in Parker, Colorado

We are offering lessons that teaches the students the basics of correct horsemanship. Lessons go beyond riding to include components such as how to catch, lead, groom, tack up, ride and care for your horse.
NB: We do not teach barrel racing or roping.

Vaulting Lessons in Parker, Colorado

Also referred to as gymnastics / dance on your horse. The perfect way to begin riding or to improve. Develops balance, strength, rhythm and timing. We offered both recreational and competitive lessons. Private lessons as well as group lessons.

Stellar Pony Club Riding Center

Stellar Pony Club Riding Center is conveniently located in Parker, Colorado and is proud to offer English, Western, and Vaulting Training Lessons. We are happy to work with children and adults of all levels. We have well-trained school horses and ponies available for our students and visitors. Enjoy lessons year-round in our beautiful facility!

Stellar Pony Club is the place to socialize with horsey friends and share learning about horse care and all the important equestrian skills. From beginner to expert, Stellar Pony Club is right for the dedicated young rider because opportunities abound to become the best you can be. High program standards, a wide range of learning situations, and regularly scheduled ratings ensure that lessons are money and time well spent when combined with Pony Club.

Enjoy equestrian lessons year-round in our beautiful facility!

Equestrian Training at Stellar Pony Club Riding Center in Parker, Colorado

English Riding Lessons

All good and safe horseback riding begins with a solid basic foundation of skills, in every discipline. We carefully monitor the individual student’s progress while introducing different activities designed to interest and challenge the rider at appropriate levels. As skills increase, student’s may wish to explore a certain style of riding. Popular English riding disciplines taught at Stellar include hunterseat, jumping, and dressage. After the student acquires the solid basics necessary for safety and success in all types of riding, they may choose to specialize. The opportunity to test learned skills by participating in horse shows and special events is an option for interested students.

Western Riding Lessons

Western riding began as a strictly utilitarian activity for the working cowboy that has evolved into a recreational sport. We teach the correct seat and “savvy” through fun activities that call for working world skills, including obstacle courses, games, trail riding, and patterns (including western dressage). The western rider learns adaptability to a variety of terrain and circumstances and sincere appreciation for an apparently “easy” way to ride. Western riders share the exact same basic foundation of solid, safe, and effective equestrian skills as do riders in our exceptional English program. The opportunity to participate in horse shows and special events is an option for interested students.

Vaulting Lessons

Vaulting is the perfect way to begin riding or to improve riding abilities for any age and level of student. Vaulting can be considered the perfect crossover equestrian discipline, because vaulting teaches control of the body through special gymnastics training and exercises, necessary to all safe, successful riding. Through vaulting, riders learn focus, balance, timing, rhythm, strength, and suppleness, and how to apply these to control a horse’s direction, speed, and ability. It’s a fun and social group activity, especially; its action-oriented approach appeals to both girls and boys. Vaulting competitions and demonstrations are also an option for interested students.

Please Note:

In all programs, all students learn how to groom a horse, how to handle the horse and equipment(“tacking up”) and are responsible for helping put the horse away at the end of the lesson. Developing a caring partnership with the horse is character-building for the student and improves the riding/vaulting relationship with their horse.

For regular program students who want a more complete equestrian education, we suggest that they join the Stellar Pony Club group. For details on the United States Pony Clubs, of which Stellar is a member, please go to: ponyclub.org. For information on how to join the Stellar Pony Club, contact Star Hughes, SPCRC Center Admistrator, directly. You do not need to own a horse to belong and participate in Stellar pc activities.

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