Equestrian Education through EquesTraining

Invest In Your Success

Successful riding begins with developing effective skills through exercises designed to interest and challenge the student at successive, appropriate levels.

Continued growth and learning depends on the mindset of the student. Becoming a true horseman or woman requires much more than athletic skill!

The ability to focus, be determined, patient and attentive to the horse and instructor comes with awareness and acknowledgement of feelings. Character, confidence, and control develop along with fine motor skills.

+ English +

EquesTraining student practices her jumping form over a fence with Joker's Wild.

Focus is on mastering the correct and secure balanced seat that allows for easy communication between horse and rider.

+ Western +

Free and easy western form on a real mustang!

Riders improve their abilities through practicing patterns, navigating obstacle courses, and playing games on horseback.

+ Vaulting +

This picture is of a young girl vaulting on horseback, performing the flag, a compulsory movement.


Vaulting (gymnastics on horseback)  is an ideal way to begin riding or to improve riding abilities for almost any age and level. 

Horses for All Seasons and Reasons

Horses For All Ages

Who says kids should have all the fun! 

Have you always wanted to learn to ride?

Did you used to ride but adult responsibilities have kept you away?

Perhaps... it's time to rediscover riding and the joy of being with horses.

Dressed for a dream ride on a beautiful palomino horse.

Horses Make Magic Happen

Because we believe in the power of horses to make wonderful changes in people's lives, we understand and honor the partnership they can provide. To anyone who cares to study and learn, they are patient and willing teachers. Horses just may have what you need to learn to succeed in life. With Pegasus, you have wings to fly.

Horses for Health

Horseback riding can be so much more than a casual sport! Riding, and working with horses, even just being around them, can help create happiness and a feeling of well-being. Winston Churchill is said to have declared: "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."